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Church Management System

1. Member Registration
2. Accounts
3. User Levels
4. Reports
5. Income Module
6. Expense Module
7. Requisition Levels

Sacco Management System

Manage your Microfinance with your preferred system

School Management System

SMS Features
1. Student Registration
2. Accounts
3. Exams
4. Library
5. Report cards
6. Sms
7. Time Table
8. Among other Modules

Hospital Information System

Our Hospital Information System creates a flow of work in the following;
1. Reception
2. Patient Master {I/O, History}
3. Pharmacy
5. Lab
6. Billing (Back Office)
7. Maternity
Among other hospital appliances

Abi Restaurant Management System

Abi is here to make you manage your hotel or restaurant right from;
1. Billing
2. Ticketing
3. Kitchen
4. Accounts
6. Manage your Suppliers
6. Sms Module
7. Detailed reports
8. Among other Services
We are ready to customize your purchased system even more better to suit your needs.

Invoicing System

The best Finance Management system in Accounting.
1. Manage Customer and send emails
2. Client Login Area
3. Financial Reports
4. Tax
5. Track revenue by client
6. Manage Expenses
7. Create Estimates
8. Payment Receipts
9. Invoice Management
10. Manage Products

Pharmacy System

Manage your pharmacy and enjoy the value of every coin you get.
1. Customer Management Module
2. Supply & Purchase Module
3. One Click Installation for online and offline
4. Inventory Module
5. Easy Invoicing System
6. Financial Module
7. Product Management Module
8. Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales, Profit and Expense Report
9. Due Payment Management
10. Medicine, Drugs, Customers, Employees, Clients, supplier and 11.Users management
12. POS (Point of Sale) management
13. Search Medicine, Customer, Purchase, Invoices by Its First Letter
14. Sales Graph
15. Print Invoices
16. Generate Report By Date Range and Many More